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Started in the year 1980. First exclusive sanitary ware, Bathroom tap fittings, Tiles showroom in Erode. We deal only with branded and quality products. Our motto is value for Money, Extended quality even after sales by providing right service. Dedicated, knowledgeable, experienced sales team.



Why we are Best Tiles Showroom in Erode

Let’s find out how to get the best tiles showroom tag in erode. Not only erode all around the Tamilnadu. We Universal Agency – Tiles Showroom in erode has more than 41 years of experience in the field. We are started our quality brand tiles store near Perundurai Road, Erode in the year 1980.

We have highly experienced experts who have immense skill and knowledge who will work with you to make your dream home appearance more elegant and luxurious.

As the best tiles showroom, Universal Agency Erode knows about every tile’s characteristics and property. Which types of tiles can you use in the Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, and Bedroom. So when it comes to picking the right tiles, our UAE experts will help you.

We have a variety of tiles like Porcelain Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Natural Tiles, Granite Tiles, Marble Tiles, and Glass Tiles.

Tiles Characteristic

  • Ceramic Tiles – This tile type know for is durable and affordable
  • Porcelain Tiles – This is denser and stronger than ceramic tiles. Know for his scratch and stain resistance.
  • Natural Tiles – Durable and Long-lasting, Known for easy maintenance.
  • Granite Tiles – Durability for Ages, Perfect for Wet areas, Hypoallergenic Tile.
  • Marble Tiles – Easy to install, Maintenance Fre, Variety of design compared to other tiles.
  • Glass Tiles – Eco Friendly, Zero water absorption, Quite Easy to Clean

Our Experts Tips to Choose Tiles

  1. Find which tiles are suitable for your home.
  2. Pick Tiles with a perfect finish
  3. Choose suitable Tile designs
  4. Keep an Eye on Cost
  5. Pick right Tiles size based on room dimension

We help you to choose the best tiles for home, wall, kitchen, and bathroom:

Consider the style of your home before you begin. Browse the images of tiles you like in catalogs and on the web. Instead of going against your home’s aesthetic, try to work with it.

Tiles in smaller sizes are typically used in home areas including kitchens, bathrooms, and toilets. We are one of the best tiles showrooms in erode, where you can walk in, browse, compare the style and cost and then choose the best option for your dream home.

Large tiles give a room for a more spacious and airy atmosphere. The area will appear more coherent if floor tiles are used on the walls, but wall tiles cannot be used on the floor. A floor tile with a tougher glaze and manufactured of harder materials will be capable of withstanding traffic. Light-colored tiles will make a tiny room feel more spacious. If you have a medium to a large room with more space. You have a variety of alternative options from Bright to Dark Tiles

Take into account the overall atmosphere you want to create in the space you’re tiling. Do you want it to be tranquil and relaxing, or moody and atmospheric? Tiles aren’t usually the focal point of a room unless there’s a special area, such as a splashback, but they can complement other design elements. If you want a calm atmosphere in your bathroom, choose colors that flow well together. Choose colors that contrast in a kitchen if you want a livelier alternative.

Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing the right grout color. A grout with contrast will draw attention to patterns and links, whereas a grout that is the same color as the tile would have a more subtle impact. To avoid future problems, make sure your grouted areas are sealed.

Whether you choose a matte or glossy finish is ultimately up to you. A glazed tile is simple to clean, but a natural terracotta tile lacks a glaze and would need to be sealed to avoid deterioration.

Floor tiles

Universal Agency, the best tile showroom in erode, can help you design your home with the best floor tile selections. At Universal Agency, we place a premium on quality, thus we only work with brands that have a track record of producing stylish and high-quality products. These tiles are available in different sizes. The thickness of these floor tiles is 12 millimeters. Floor tiles that offer elegance and sophistication to your home can transform it into a beautiful space. Universal Agency’s floor tile collection is intended to give your room a more pleasant ambiance.

Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiles are the best way to add a different charm to your bathroom. With wood, marble, and stone finish bathroom tiles, and with the help of the erode best tile showroom, you can create any dream look for your bathroom and space. With the top tiles showroom in erode, you can take your plans to the next level as you enjoy an added level of strength and beautiful designs. Inspired by natural textures and look, Universal Agency has the biggest collection of bathroom tile designs, so you can choose what suits your home the best.

Wall Tiles

Universal Agency offers superior wall tiles that are meticulously detailed. Each tile is produced with cutting-edge technology, making them sturdy, long-lasting, and simple to maintain. To meet the needs of our customers, these wall tiles are separated into three categories: Ceramic wall tiles, Polished Vitrified Tiles, and Glazed Vitrified Tiles. Rustic wall tiles, white bathroom wall tiles, matt bathroom wall tiles, matt tiles, and so on are subdivided into these broad categories. Our wall tiles stand out because they are available in a variety of sizes and finishes. If you choose tiles with your personal style, they will reflect on your home. So we suggest you focus on creating wall tiles with your distinctive style. And for the same reason, we are ranked on top as the best tiles showroom in erode.

Kitchen Tiles

The excellent assortment of kitchen ceramic wall tiles from Universal Agency is a connoisseur’s dream. As a best tiles showroom in erode, we make certain that every kitchen tile is made with the latest and proven technologies, allowing us to create futuristic designs that are not only attractive but also robust and long-lasting. Every kitchen wall tile that reaches our customers is of high-quality thanks to our frequent quality tests. With their unique designs and vibrant color schemes, the designer kitchen tiles are sure to captivate everyone. Our kitchen wall tiles range from traditional to ultra-modern, allowing us to meet the individual needs of our customers.

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Tiles Showroom in Erode

Universal Agency Erode is one of the leading tile suppliers in the country with unmatched customer experience.

Stay ahead of the trends

We help our customers stay ahead of the latest trends in design and decoration, so they can enjoy their new look for years to come.

Quality service, quality product

Our team of experts will go over every detail of your project to ensure you get the best tiles for your needs.

Luxury at affordable prices

All our tiles are carefully selected from only the finest suppliers in the country, they are then offered at reasonable prices that you can afford.

Expertise across industries

No matter what industry you’re in, Universal Agency Erode has a tile for you! From hotels to shopping malls, our team has you covered.

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